Family Law

We offer a range of family law services. The custody and care of your children or the splitting of your estate is a serious matter–It is important to schedule time to discuss the particulars of your case with our firm to determine if we are a good fit for your legal needs. Contact us below to schedule a time!

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Custody battles are emotionally and financially draining. It is important to clarify your goals and focus your resources prior to engaging in litigation. Contact us to get this process started!


Legally ending your marriage involves several considerations in dividing property, debt, retirement accounts, etc. Don’t let the emotions get the best of you– schedule time to go over your case today.

Guardian ad Litem Services

In certain cases, a judge will appoint a Guardian ad Litem on behalf of the children in a custody dispute. The GAL is tasked with conducting an independent custody evaluation and making specific recommendations to the judge. We accept these on a limited basis, due to the time necessary to complete a quality, in-depth evaluation. Schedule a time to discuss your case today!

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